September ministry trip


Here is my basic itinerary for prayer this trip. Please pray for travel arrangements, protection, and key connections with people and partners.

6 September – Fly from Nashville
7 September – Arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria
8-11 September – Arts + Conference, “Hope in the midst of crisis”
12 September – Evening flight to Warsaw, Poland
12-14 September – Time to see opportunities in Poland
14 – To Krakow with UETS alumni
15 – Ride to Ukrainian border, drive to Morshyn
16-17 – Visit centers in Morshyn and Striy; night of worship on 16th with UETS students
18 – Church in L’viv
19-20 – Teach 3rd year students at UBTS
21 – InterCity train to Kyiv
22-24 – Time in Kyiv region
25 – Train back to L’viv, or to Krakow
26 – To Krakow, Poland
27 – Morning flight to London Luton airport
27-30 – Time in Coventry with Nexus, UETS students
30 – Ride to London Heathrow, fly to Nashville


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