What people say…

about “magnify! 105 modern worship devotionals”

“Few people on the planet know more about creating gathered-worship environments than Fred Heumann. Very few people know more about ‘planning’ to worship than Fred.  His three decades of innovative and spiritually-sensitive worship leading give Fred great insights for both worship leaders and worshipers alike. Therefore, the devotionals Fred offers to HIM and to us in this great collection will stir you towards your own deepened daily worship.”

Rev. Byron Spradlin
Worship and Arts in ministry and missions specialist. President, Artists in Christian Testimony International.

“Fred Heumann not only has a keen heart for worship, but more importantly has a passion for God.  His global scope gives him a perspective on the theology of worship that runs deep, and his ability to mine the Scriptures enables him to pen devotional insights that are sure to speak to peoples’ hearts.”

Steve Fry
Songwriter, teacher, pastor, worship leader, author.

“It is with great confidence that I can recommend this book and more importantly the man behind it, Fred Heumann. Fred understands, communicates, and facilitates worship from a depth of knowledge, experience, and most of all a personal relationship with Jesus. His broad experience and relationships bring a unique perspective to worship that few have. If you are looking for a way for you or your worship team to step into the next moment of worship, this is a great place to start.”

Chris Thomason
President/CEO, in:ciite media.

“Fred Heumann brings considerable knowledge, wisdom and a true worshipper’s heart to the art of leading God’s people in worship using music and the Word.  His Biblical and practical insights are worth sharing to the widest possible extent.”

Rob Frazier
Pastor and Worship Leader, Belmont Church, Nashville, Tennessee.

“In the years I’ve known Fred Heumann, I’ve always known him to be a person that can see songs and movements in the worship community when they’re just coming over the horizon. He’s been a voice in my life in the past when I’ve really needed someone to encourage me in my pursuits in resourcing the Church.  I am confident that you will both enjoy and be blessed by the inspiration and the insight that he gives around the Scriptures that have birthed some of the greatest worship songs that we’re singing today.”

Craig Dunnagan
VP, Music Publishing and Worship Resources – Integrity Music, a division of David C. Cook.

“Fred is a deep well of wisdom and insight on many levels. But when it comes to understanding worship, he is brilliant. You will be nourished on many levels as you read his worship devotionals. Let his words penetrate your soul as he fleshes out the essence of Scripture that will not only make you a better worship leader, but a better person from the inside out.”

Monty Kelso
Long-time worship pastor/teacher, church consultant. Partner, Slingshot Group, San Clemente, California.

“Fred Heumann is one unique man. He has forgotten more about leading worship than I will ever know.  In addition, he has been a dear friend for over half my life, and the knowledge he has amassed, combined with the wisdom he continually displays, make anything shared from his heart a valuable gift to the body of Christ.”

Dave Williamson
Award-winning arranger, choral director and clinician. Founder, Worship Leading Choirs International; author, “God’s Singers”.

“In the 35 years we’ve known Fred Heumann, he has been passionate about leading the Body of Christ in worship and helping to equip others to do the same. Fred’s years as a devoted worshiper, worship leader and teacher in many parts of the world have given him the sensitivity and insights to inspire believers everywhere to express their own worship to God with both heart and mind.”

Jamie Owens-Collins and Dan Collins
Songwriters, worship leaders, artist, producer.

“In so many and various and wonderful ways, I really don’t know anyone like Fred Heumann! He’s a one-of-a-kind man of God; intellectually brilliant, and one of the most passionate guys I know when it comes to the things of the Lord regarding worship, mission, prayer, and exuberant praise and ministry. Fred’s personal worship library is probably larger than some Bible colleges and seminaries out there, and he has remembered every word he’s ever read or heard from every book, every workshop, every teaching, and every opportunity he’s had to work together and share with some of the most passionate worshipers and leaders of worship out there. I’m honored to call you friend and brother in Christ, Fred!!  Your labors on this project will be a great blessing to the Body of Christ.”

Randall Burns
Lead Pastor and Choir Director, Military Street Baptist Church, Houlton, Maine.

about Fred

“Fred Heumann loves the Church – and he loves the people that lead the church in worship! That’s why he has served the church and those people most of his life in some way or another – as a musician, editor, author, and philosopher. When I think of Fred, I think of someone who thinks about the church and helps the rest of us do what we are doing better!”

Mike Harland
Director, LifeWay Worship.

“I first met Fred Heumann when I was serving as Chaplain to the Gospel Music Association in 1999 and have been blessed with his friendship ever since. Fred has a heart and feel for the church and her worship, for the multifaceted music that facilitates that noble task and in particular for the individuals and teams of musicians who lead in that area. He is as wise and knowledgeable in that field of the Lord’s vineyard as anyone I know.”

Darrell A. Harris
Dean of the Chapel, The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies.

“I have known Fred since 1979 and have always known him to be a worshipper who seeks after God.  His sincere heart and passion for getting into the manifest presence of our Lord governs his life.  He inspires me in my life journey.”

Wayne Graham
Worship Pastor, Duncanville First Baptist Church, Duncanville, Texas.

“I’ve known Fred Heumann for 30 years and traveled extensively with him throughout the world.  During that time I’ve seen God working first-hand through his life.  He is many things…team builder, evangelist, singer, teacher, forward thinker, but first and foremost, he is a worshiper.  Whether speaking or leading in worship, Fred is a passionate communicator who reminds us that we are hungry for God and that He is waiting to fill us with Himself.”

John Barbour
Worship songwriter, session singer, artist, The Tommy Coomes Band and Franklin Graham Festivals.

“I’ve known Fred for many years and know of no one more qualified in the arena of music and worship. His deep passion for the Lord and to see His glory manifest in the Church is evident to all who know him. His contributions to the Body of Christ are many and are a great resource of inspiration and wisdom.”

Kirk Dearman
Worship leader/songwriter and composer of “We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise”.

“I first met Fred via an on-line webinar he taught. I was so impressed that when I found out he lived so close, I called and ask if he would meet with me. Without hesitation he said, “yes.” We met and for several hours he poured out his heart about worship and ministry to me and I fell in love with Fred Heumann. We have become great friends and I recommend him highly.  Fred, you are a treasure.”

Marvin Jones
Worship Pastor, Trevecca Community Church (Nazarene), Nashville, Tennessee.

“Fred Heumann is a man who understands the value of a team, never putting his agenda ahead of the purpose of God in worship. His ability to resource, encourage and pull together talented, “called” musicians and singers is a quality every church should seek for in their leadership.”

Frank and Betsy Hernandez
Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning songwriters, worship leaders, authorsWorship and Media Coordinator, Capital Christian Center, Boise, Idaho.

“Fred has a unique ability to hear what most of us don’t hear right away.  Over the years, I have been amazed how ahead of the pack he was, especially when it comes to worship.  He is an innovator, a teacher, an “out of the box” kind of guy.”

Wayne Tate
Pastor of Worship and Fine Arts, Manna Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

“Fred Heumann is that rare and wonderful combination of intellect and heart that we all find so encouraging. I kept hearing fun and wonderful stories about him for years before I met him and they’re all true. Wisdom, discernment, love and fun are all things that Fred seems to highly value and demonstrate to those he touches.”

Tommy Coomes
Artist and producer, Love Song, The Tommy Coomes Band.

“It is a pleasure to recommend Fred Heumann.  Fred has spent a lifetime in Christian music as a performer, worship leader, music editor, and trainer, both in North America and in many nations.  His knowledge of songs and hymns from the English-speaking world is extensive, and his work in Christian music publishing has been a huge blessing to the Body of Christ.”

Frank Fortunato
Operation Mobilization International Music Director. Coordinator, Heart Sounds International.

“I used to attend this truly wonderful church where it seemed as if half the pews were filled with talented singers, players, and writers. Occasionally when I was in town on a weekend, I would have the privilege of joining the band for worship. Such good people, such gifted musicians! Weird thing, though. No one really said all that much before rehearsal, and between services everyone scattered like leaves in a cold November wind.

Not so when Fred Heumann led. When Fred was at the helm the green room was a rich brew of coffee and conversation. People would swap road stories and convulse with laughter over stage mishaps. Sometimes the room would be hushed in prayer. But there we were, all together. And, I firmly believe, all because of Fred. This is a man who understands that worship begins long before you arrive at the church and that worshipping the living God deepens in meaning and beauty when that journey of song and spirit is shared. I have learned much from his wisdom and I am ever so grateful to call him my friend.”

Mark “gersh” Gersmehl
Songwriter, artist, producer, founding member of “White Heart”.

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