For Giving Tuesday…

The need in Ukraine is overwhelming. I experienced it first-hand in September as I spent time in Morshyn, Stryi, and L’viv in western Ukraine and then Irpin, Bucha, Pushcha-Voditsya, and Kyiv in central Ukraine. The toll in homes and buildings damaged or destroyed, atrocities committed, and lives lost is staggering, and I just saw a small portion from the start of the invasion. And now, civilian infrastructure around the country is adding to the burden with power, water, and food shortages across the nation, including the Kyiv region.

Ukrainians have shown incredible bravery and fortitude as they have faced insurmountable odds. But it has also taken many ministries, nations, and organizations to help them with the many things they need. We’ve been part of that with ServeUkraine,

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day set aside to invest in charitable work. I sent an email to over 500 of our friends and donors last week to ask them to invest in helping with 10 generators for Irpin, and 300 blankets for elderly displaced people in Kyiv. They have already begun to respond, and we have seen $6000+ of the $13,000 raised.

Will you consider helping with this need? Time is of the essence as winter in Ukraine can be very tough. We want to get funds sent as soon as possible. You can give at our information and donor page at

There is now also further urgent need for $5000 to help with medical, education, and transportation expenses for families and individuals that we continue to help both here and in Ukraine.

That leaves a total of $12,000 of $18,000 to be gathered. It may seem overwhelming, but nowhere near as overwhelming as the situations faced by our Ukrainians friends and partners. We can make a difference, now. Be brave like Ukraine!


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