Mission in the midst of misery

Just received this post from our colleagues in Kyiv…focusing on others in the middle of horror.

——- is trying to actively pursue its mission of serving society amid all horrors of the war we are facing. 

  • We are preparing a new evacuation from Kyiv of vulnerable layers of population, including women and children from local churches in the seminary neighborhood 
  • Faculty, students and staff of the seminary evacuated to western Ukraine have got actively involved in sending humanitarian aid cargoes to the capital
  • We have turned the campus —– into a humanitarian aid center where people can get immediate assistance and hide in a basement during air raids
  • —– kitchen personnel refused to be evacuated and are working hard trying to provide food for the Ukrainian defenders and anyone in need
  • Faculty and some students who are still on the campus use any opportunity to identify and meet needs of the military and civilians in the neighborhood

We are enormously thankful to all our friends all over the world who are standing with us at this extremely challenging time! “

These are my people; this is the Ukrainian church. #prayforUkraine #standwithUkraine

If you want to give to support these dear ones, ServeUkraine.org ‘s landing/donation page is now live. (The main URL is not yet live, but this link will get you there.)


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