Gungor and NWLC 2011

One of the highlights of this (or any…) conference for me was Gungor’s worship set last Wednesday night. (And that’s a lot of conferences in a lot of places over a significant period of time!)  I don’t think anyone else who was there would contradict me.

The combination of eclectic instrumentation (including mandolin, cello, banjo and harmonium) with the standard rhythm section, strongly creative Biblically-based songs, musical excellence and astounding visual support drew this critical thinker in, touched me and left me amazed at God’s goodness and grace. (A big shout-out to Stephen Proctor for some of the most sensitive visual support to worship I’ve ever seen.)

I pray they make the video available; I’ve already put in my request.  Look for it, and lobby Worship Leader magazine and WorshipTogether, and maybe they’ll release it in some form.  However, the capper was just Michael Gungor and his guitar at the very end. I found a link to it, and have it for you here as an appetizer…

Enjoy and worship the creative God that places these gifts in us!

How do you use visual support in worship?  How can you keep it supportive and not intrusive and distracting?

2 Replies to “Gungor and NWLC 2011”

  1. Thank you Fred. I got to spend some time with Michael and his wife a few years back and they just remind me of Jesus. I hope we can get a video of their worship leading at the conference. Thanks for the highlight.

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