Talk about a smörgåsbord!

In preparing for the second part of my webinar on worship planning for Worship Leader magazine today, it struck me at how gracious God has been in allowing me to experience an incredible variety of worship expressions in the Body of Christ. Not just in years of church concerts all across the US and about 50 countries, but in actually serving local congregations as a worship leader, choir director, organist, soloist, worship team member, minister of music or worship service planner.

It’s easy to take for granted the “big picture” this has given me, and an appreciation for a varied number of traditions.  I forget that not everyone has this in their background!

It has been wonderful getting to experience the wide variety of services I’ve attended and planned outside the local church, but even more humbling to realize that I’ve been able to serve these local churches over the course of my life and ministry.

Here’s the list…thanks to all the congregations and pastoral leadership who allowed me to grow and serve in each fellowship! (You’ll see how varied they really are! ;-> )

  • St Patrick’s of Heatherdowns, Toledo, OH  (Roman Catholic)
  • Detroit Avenue Wesleyan Church, Toledo, OH  (Wesleyan)
  • Bethany Baptist Church, Thousand Oaks, CA  (Baptist General Conference)
  • New Hope Community, Canoga Park, CA  (Reformed Church in America)
  • Nyeland Community Church, Oxnard, CA  (Independent Fundamental Churches of America)
  • Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village, CA  (Missionary Church)
  • St Chad’s, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK  (Church of England)
  • New Song Christian Fellowship, Brentwood, TN   (Foursquare)
  • Belle Meade United Methodist, Belle Meade, TN  (United Methodist)
  • Belmont Church, Nashville, TN  (Independent charismatic evangelical; Church of Christ roots)

Where have you served on your worship/music ministry journey? How has that shaped or influenced your perspective on worship?  Post a comment and let us know…

2 Replies to “Talk about a smörgåsbord!”

  1. I grew up Methodist but have been involved with non-denominational churches since college. I’ve been at Fellowship Bible in Conway since 2003. The strong musical background I got both in college and in my Methodist background has been tremendously helpful in my current role.

    I was amazed to hear how close your family lives to us! My wife and I live in the neighborhood behind the church as well! Will you be in Conway anytime over the holidays? My email is

    1. I really do think it’s important that we see the positive contributions that our life history (and our worship history) play in resourcing our present ministry.

      On the other note, it looks like we may very well be in Conway sometime over the Christmas holidays…still somewhat up in the air! You can know that I will most definitely get with you once I know what our plans are….


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